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Safety Program

Kevan Johnson
Kevan Johnson
Safety Director

In addition to exemplary Customer Service, Shelba D. Johnson Trucking considers Safety paramount. There are numerous programs in place to enhance safety. 

The company complies with all laws and regulations as promulgated from the latest Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations stem from the most recent FMCSA endeavor represented by CSA-2010 and regulations regarding all safety aspects of the BASIC compliance measurement system which reports on the fitness of drivers, equipment and the overall safety program as administered by the individual transportation companies. Shelba D. Johnson Trucking, Inc. was audited by the United States Department of Transportation (US-DOT) beginning in January, 2012 and the results of the audit were a continuance of the company’s “Satisfactory” Safety Rating, the highest attainable.

The company addresses Safety under a number of programs:


  • Drivers are required to undergo training in the” Smith Driving System”, a well-known and nationally recognized proactive safe-driving training program.  The company has a certified Smith Driving System Trainer on staff.
  • Drivers receive training on maintaining logs so they are in compliance with FEMSA hours of service regulations.
  • Drivers with violations are offered remedial training updates and an opportunity to correct any driving deficiencies.
  • New Drivers are required to participate in an orientation program, up to and including working in the warehouse to better understand handling freight safely and working with an experienced driver as an orientation to over-the-road work.
  • Drivers are subject to DOT physical requirements in addition to having a CDL Driver’s License and at least 2 year’s experience in over-the-road driving.  All drivers are  subject to random substance abuse testing as required by the DOT.
  • In-cab monitoring equipment is used to record speeds and other ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ events, including hard braking, swerves to avoid other traffic, rough road conditions, etc.  Recorded events are reviewed when drivers return to determine if any remedial action is required to modify driver behavior.
  • The company has 4 Driver Safety Meetings per year to review key safety issues and to share information. Drivers with clean inspections are recognized. Key films and other information from our in-cab monitoring program are shared as a learning experience for drivers.


  • Trucks are controlled for speed by establishing the top speed allowed, thus controlling safety on the highways as well as saving fuel.
  • All trucks are inspected prior to leaving on the next trip by either the driver or the Maintenance Department. The company maintains a “Safety Lane”.  When trucks are fuelled, a maintenance list is prepared for maintenance items such as tires, brakes or lighting.
  • All trucks go through an “A”, “B” or “C” maintenance on a scheduled basis, depending on vehicle mileage.
  • A separate trailer inspection and Preventive Maintenance function is in place to assure trailer tires, brakes and lighting are in road worthy condition.
  • The company has its own wrecker for towing out-of-service vehicles and providing road service as necessary.

Company Culture:

  • The company has a 4-person staff in its Safety Department organization, headed by a Safety Director.
  • The company participates in a “Captive” insurance program using National Interstate as the insurance carrier. In this program, we participate with the best of the best with regard to safety.   Numerous safety factors are audited inside the company on a regular basis and we are compared to our peers in the captive group. This is a “Best Practices” methodology to measuring compliance with regulatory requirements as well as complying with our own internally generated criteria. Out-of-compliances situations are brought to light and addressed in a very timely manner.
  • Company management and safety personnel participate in insurance conferences at least 4 times per year and with other companies in our peer group more often.  We can discuss relevant issues with peers before those issues become critical.
  • As mentioned above, 4 Driver Safety meetings are held each year with participation from management, including the President of the company.
  • Monthly facility inspections are performed to assure compliance with fire code, OSHA, HAZMAT, MSDS and other regulatory compliance requirements are being met.
  • “All” accidents, whether causing lost employee time or not are recorded and reported
  • The company participates in a screening program for newly hired warehouse and truck driving employees. We test range of motion, strength and other movement factors to establish a baseline. If an employee should subsequently become injured, we can assess the employee’s progress in becoming rehabilitated and when they qualify to go back to work.
  • Employees are trained in the jobs they perform, including safe movement and lifting where necessary.
  • The company is working on a safety reward program to measure and reward employees and departments for no ‘lost time accidents’.
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