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Environmental Responsibility

Shelba D. Johnson Trucking, Inc. is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the environment.  We will outline some of our efforts to that end as follows:

  • Control of Emissions 1:  The company has purchased and will continue to purchase EPA compliant trucks.  Each purchase has met the 2006 and subsequent 2010 EPA standards for engine emissions.
  • Control of Emissions 2:  The company uses Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) in all its equipment.
  • Fuel Usage 1:  The company is buying equipment rated for higher fuel efficiencies.  Its standard engine in a 13 liter engine as opposed to the larger 15 liter engine.  For comparison purposes, these trucks get about .5 – 1.0 more miles/gallon of diesel.
  • Fuel Usage 2:  The company utilizes Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) for long haul routes to prevent excessive idling of trucks.  These APU’s allow the driver to run the air conditioning, heat and other necessary appliances without running the truck engine, thus reducing emissions and consuming less fuel.  An APU can run 9 hours on 1 gallon diesel versus 1 gallon per hour of diesel for idling.
  • Fuel Usage 3:  Truck drivers are given guidelines for driving including smooth take-offs and stops, no speeding and other safe driving techniques.  Monitoring equipment on board the truck records extraordinary events.
  • Fuel Usage 4:  Truck routes are planned using the latest mileage software to establish the shortest route to deliver product.  (The company is looking at enhancing this further by using route optimization software in the near future.)
  • Fuel Usage 5:  The tires we purchase use optimal hardness in the rubber to minimize rolling resistance, thus enhancing fuel mileage.  (Also, the company made a decision to use new casings on tires rather than recaps, especially during the summer months, in order to keep good tires on the road and to minimize hot weather blow outs.)
  • Energy Efficiency:  The company is looking for ways to enhance energy efficiency by controlling electricity usage.  We are embarking on a lighting upgrade to be compliant with the latest energy legislation.  This project has been approved by Duke Energy in its effort to reduce industrial use of electricity.  We use warehouse facilities that use skylights for lighting during the day, thus avoiding the use of electricity.  Our standard trailer uses "ChemLite” translucent roofs to allow visibility during daylight hours without burning lights.
  • Disposal of Solvents and Chemicals:  We employ an outside service to pick-up and recycle certain solvents and oils resulting from our maintenance operations.
  • Cardboard and Wood:  We contract with a service to recycle cardboard and wood resulting from our warehouse operations.
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  • International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council
  • International Home Furnishings Representatives Association
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  • Specialized Furniture Carriers Association
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  • Home Furnishings International Association
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